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Mifumi School

Education is critical to help children escape from poverty and cultural traditions which leave women and girls vulnerable to violence and other forms of abuse.


Mifumi Primary School is giving nearly 700 young people the opportunity to learn and to have a more positive future. In addition to teaching standard subjects, the school trains pupils in music, sports, knitting and weaving, and Karate for self defence.


The children also receive health screenings, and are given a lunch of porridge each day, which for many is often the only meal that they will receive.


Many of the children walk miles each day to attend school. Girls traditionally are used to fetch water and this was making many of the girls late for their lessons. In 2014 a bore hole was sunk in the school grounds, with a pump, enabling the girls to still fulfill their family duties without missing out on their education, and also providing a clean source of water for the school.


Frequently Asked Questions

Many girls are forced to drop out of school by their parents. These parents do not love their daughters because all children should be at school. The girls are sometimes sent to work as maids, others are forced to get married. Girls should be allowed to finish their education.

Anna Rose Oketcho. Primary 7.